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The New York Times: Questioning Gender Amid a Chaotic East Village Childhood

Those of us who were raised the only child of a single parent know how intense the relationship can be. Different days you may play the role of child, parent, sibling or emotional crutch — some days all at once. As you get through it, you try to find space for yourself, to become someone outside the all-enveloping world that your parent has provided. This is the main struggle driving iO Tillett Wright’s debut memoir, “Darling Days.”

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Psychology Today: Love Beyond Gender

It's a universal truth that relationships take work, but there's little precedent for what that work may involve when one's partner comes out as transgender. For couples who remain together through a gender transition, it can provoke a complicated reckoning with just how much—and who—has to change.

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The Atlantic: Interview with "Fun Home" author, Alison Bechdel

When cartoonist Alison Bechdel published Fun Home in 2006, it made nearly every best-of-the-year list. Her story of growing up lesbian in small-town Pennsylvania with a closeted gay father forever restoring his Victorian funeral home (a.k.a. the “Fun Home”) was praised for its ability to push the boundaries of both memoir and graphic novel. 

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